Civil War Generals II, Advanced Strategy Guide
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This site is dedicated to everyone who ever wanted to know what separates the gurus from the also rans when it comes to playing this wonderful game.  I have spent the last 4 years accumulating many tactics and strategies that I am sure any advanced players will appreciate.   This guide is written for them.  Certain tactics will also serve to enlighten newbies and less advanced players..  If you don't understand any of the tactics that I mention here, feel free to write me and I will incorporate the answer into this site at some point in the future.   Also, I will try to answer specific queries if they fit into the overall structure that I have built here.


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Each strategy section delves directly into the advanced tactics needed to help you knock off that guru or advanced player that seems to always get the better of you.  So click in, learn and then apply the tactics described here. Keep in mind that playing CWG2 is an art.  There are very few hard and fast rules and many of the tactics I describe will only work 'most' of the time.  That is due to randomness built directly into the gaming software.  So don't blame me if your attack fails using my tactics.  It may very well be because the 'dice of war' are just not smiling on you that day.   Also remember that these tactics were learned through hard experience against the best players on WON.   They already know most of this stuff, and won't be surprised by it.  However you will earn some respect by using the tactics here against them.   Ultimately though you win their respect by beating them.  This game constantly teaches all of us humility since inevitably, someone new comes along and beats us.  I learn new things all the time and I learn most often when someone beats me.   Bear that in mind as you hunt the elephants at WON.  You may beat me, but you only make me stronger.  :-)