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Table of Contents


Table of Contents | How to win! | Morale | Scouting | Artillery | Offense | Defense | Ambushes | Battles | Campaign specific information (NEW!)
Civil War Generals II, Advanced Strategy Guide

Introduction- How to Win!
Chapter 1. - Its all about morale!
Chapter 2. - If you can't scout, you might as well go in the boxing ring with a blind fold on.
Chapter 3. - Very few folks pay enough attention to their artillery placement and use.
Chapter 4. - Advanced Offense- Or how to put the fear of God in those people.
Chapter 5. - Advanced Defense- Or how to never get caught fighting where you don't want to.
Chapter 6. - Ambushes and other nasty tricks!
Chapter 7. - Specific battle advice.

My Philosophy

I have tried to organize the contents logically and make it easy to navigate, but it is all subject to change as I add new content and update things.
All of the advice here is my own.  Feel free to question, challenge or criticize any of the ideas here.  I long ago grew thick skin as a defense mechanism.  I will try to address your query via email or if the comments are good enough, I will add them to the site.   
Good luck and above all, have fun while at WON.