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Specific Battle Advice


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Gettysburg, how could I do a site without talking about my favorite battle?

Civil War Generals II, Advanced Strategy Guide

I feel reluctant to give out too much advice in this section for fear of giving away all the fine strategies that I have learned.  However I also want this section to be as helpful as possible.  Despite my fear, I am revealing many of my thoughts (though not all) about these battles.  There are many ways to play all these battles, but I am trying to give sound basic advice and specific ideas on how to win the majority of the time in these battles. 
Gettysburg- Historical version.
This battle is unbalanced slightly in favor of blue as it should be.  The other versions change that balance to favor the south or to make it all very even.   I consider Ghosts Gettysburg to be fairly balanced. 
Hist- This battle essentially has two phases in my mind. The first phase is the south's seizureof Cemetary and Culps Hill.  The second phase is their defense of this hill.  As Rebs I push relentlessly to try to capture this hill no later than the beginning of day two.   Only very strong blue players will risk a defense north and west of the hill.  These same strong players can smash an early Reb attack, so be wary of ambushes and approach methodically and cautiously.  The key is to get your arty into position to support your attack.  It may take all day to take Gettysburg and Seminary Ridge.  However by seizing them, at dawn, you will have enough arty focused on Cemetary to chase the Feds off of the hill.  Then you need to quickly get up there with all your artillery that you can muster and get ready to hold it from the inevitable counterattacks.  Ideally, you will be on the edge of Cemetary at daybreak and use the Rebs dawn attack to take the hill.  If Blue vacates the hill at night, use that time to get your artillery on the hill.  This is one of the few times that I recommend moving at night.  Cemetary is absolutely crucial to the Reb cause.  With it, they have central position and their 5 Whitworths can control a tremendous amount of the battlefield.   Without it, they lose central position and the value of all that reb artillery is degraded.  
As rebs, if I capture Cemetary, I have never lost it.  By not losing the hill, you won't lose the battle.  The Whitworths belong here, along with as much of your artillery as you can fit.  The remainder belongs where it can cover the hill east of Gettysburg across the creek.  The infantry should be dug in west of the creek, stretching southward in an arc that extends to the slopes of the hill south of Cemetary.  IN NO case should the south try to push farther than the arty can reach from Cemetary.  To push farther is to invite counterattack and destruction.  As it is, the south has a tremendous job to defend  the line I just described.  The other key is to keep a mobile reserve resting in Gettysburg and behind Cemetary Hill.   When the inevitable Blue counterattack comes, you must trade space for time.  Chew up as much blue artillery and infantry as possible while slowly retreating toward your guns.  If you use the strategy I described in my earlier sections on artillery and defense, you should be able to hold off any blue attack.  Use your reserve to reinforce the most threatened area, which is usually Cemetary or sometimes the creek east of Gettysburg.
If blue brings his artillery up singly, you can pick it off before it can return fire.  If he brings it up en masse, it will be a challenge, but a skillful defense will still save the day.  You must retain scouts that can see his arty so you can pick it off.  That is why I recommend pushing your line south to the slopes of the next hill. 
Much more to come

Ghost's Gettysburg-  This is arguably the most balanced of the Gettysburg scenarios and my personal favorite.   There are no flags, so the Rebs can choose to fight anywhere on the map that they think they can win.  Choose where you make your flags very carefully or you can end up fighting for an area that you never intended to defend or go after here.
Due to the early arrival of some of the Reb cavalry, it is suicidal for blue to try to defend Gettysburg or anywhere west of Cemetary Hill.  The potential oflosing your entire 11th Corps is great for an adventurous blue commander.  The Rebs are generally able to seize Cemetary Hill in this battle, but they must maintain flexibility.  Choosing to statically defend this hill and not looking elsewhere on the map for opportunities can be suicidal.  Blue will eventually dislodge you from the hill unless you keep him occupied elsewhere.  The key to this battle for the rebs is to keep your opponent off balance.   Use your scouts, cavalry and terrain to disguise where the bulk of your army is and concentrate it to hand a knockout blow to the feds. 
If you are blue in this game, the key is patience and timing.   You must simply wait until you are strong enough (noon or so on day two when you finally outnumber the Rebs) to launch a knockout blow.  Then you must disguise where this blow is coming from.  If the Rebs lay all fifteen of their artillery pieces in on the field of your approach, your attack will be shattered.  You must keep your opponent off balance.  Threaten to attack Gettysburg from the East.  Harass his artillery on top of Cemetary.  Send your cavalry into his rear.  Most of all, gather your forces  patiently and launch them when your opponent is concentrated elsewhere.   'Nuff said before I give away real trade secrets!

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